Breastfeeding benefits

Breastfeeding can help BOTH mom and baby!

Benefits for Mother

  • Less likely to get ovarian cancer
  • Reduces chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes
  • Less likely to get postpartum depression
  • Helps reduce bleeding after giving birth
  • Get back to pre pregnancy weight faster
  • Helps to space out pregnancies (true for exclusive breastfeeding)
  • Miss fewer days of work because your baby won't get sick as often.

Benefits for baby:

  • Significantly less likely to get Type 2 Diabetes
  • Also 1/3 less likely to become obese
  • No constipation (which can happen with formula)
  • No tooth decay (can happen in infants from formula in bottles)
  • Healthier baby and toddler - less likely to get
  1. Ear infections,
  2. respiratory infections
  3. the flu
  4. eczema
  5. allergies
  6. asthma
  • Help prevent SIDS
  • Improves brain growth
  • Improves mother baby attachment
  • Always ready to feed - no bottle hassles
  • Nighttime feedings are simple (when compared to bottle feeding)