The Chequamegon Bay Area Breastfeeding Coalition has been started and restarted many times over the years.  The original group worked on many different campaigns,including raising breastfeeding awareness and working to ensure that employers treated breastfeeding employees well.  We are grateful for the work of Dr. Heitsch and the many other original member who got the movement rolling.

Our most recent group was started again by Dana Churness who has been co-facilitating with Anna Carlson.  Anna (who has been working on creating this website as part of her DNP project) has the pen name Mukwa for all her posts (including this one).  This is intended on being a COMMUNITY created website and much of the content that has been entered here although posted by Anna was given to her by various community members.

We are ALWAYS looking for new content, suggestions and input. Feel free to email us at with any suggestions for comments, corrections or concerns!