Dads are just as important to a newborn as a breastfeeding mom - but because breastfeeding can require so much mom and baby time, dads sometimes will feel a little left out.  Here is a list of just some of the many things that dad can do to be involved with the newborn.

  • playing with baby
  • bath time,
  • snuggling for sleep,
  • skin ot skin,
  • singing to baby
  • reading books together
  • tummy time together

Dads also can help out around the house, and also can help by recruiting friends and neighbors to come in and help with the housework so both mom and dad get more bonding time while baby is so young.


Sometimes it is also helpful for dads to remember all the great gifts that breastfeeding gives both to his baby but also to the baby's mother - see Breastfeeding Benefits for more information



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