Is my baby getting enough?

Most new moms worry about if their baby is getting enough milk - especially because so many new moms are used to bottle fed babies where you can actually see how much milk a baby drinks.

Know that when your baby is born, his stomach is roughly the size of a marble - this is true no matter how big your baby is when they are born.

Your baby's stomach on the first day is only big enough to hold 1 teaspoon of milk at a time - feeding your baby more doesn't help him grow, it just makes him irritable and more likely to vomit.

Understand that your baby LOVES to suck though and if given a bottle, she will suck down as much as you give her - not because she is hungry but because she is built to suck - she needs to suck for comfort and she needs to suck to tell your body to make milk factories.


I don't think I m making enough milk - my baby wants to eat ALL the time!

Babies are built to suck often when they are first born to help stimulate your body to make the milk factories that will make milk for as long and you and your baby decide to nurse.  You have about 2 weeks to create all the milk factories you are going to have for the entire time you breastfeed your baby so it is really important that your baby nurse frequently in the first two weeks.

Sore nipples can be a problem in the first couple weeks as well so please be sure to remember that it is important that your baby nurses often BUT they don't need to nurse for a long time each time they nurse - snacking is just fine - this makes sure that your nipples get a little rest in between feeds.


Older infant can go through the very same phases when they seem like they are eating all the time too!.

This can happen anytime but for many infants it is common that this happens around 2-3 weeks and again at 2-3 months.  When this happens, nurse your infant as often as possible but also remember to use other infant calming methods like

  • infant wearing
  • swaddling
  • pacifiers
  • white noise
  • bouncing/vibration


Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words - click here for a great diagram on how much a newborn baby needs to eat.