WIC Staff

WIC Staff are often on the front lines for mothers who have tried breastfeeding and when they feel it isn't going well, are in the position of helping mothers continue breastfeeding and overcoming challenges at a critical juncture.  WIC staff also have the unique ability to be able to show families a concrete and tangible benefit for breastfeeding in the form of a much bigger food package that includes cheese and canned fish.  WIC staff also have the benefit of being on the forefront of breastfeeding news and updates through our weekly Wisconsin WIC email newsletter.



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Here is the official federal WIC staff Breastfeeding Info Page


Cost of formula feeding

Thirteen 25.7 oz cans of regular formula every month for 1 year = $2,467.92  (1 can is 15.82)

Thirteen 25.7 oz cans of soy formula every month for 1 year = $2,625.48

One 3 pack of bottles four times a year = $60  (1 pack = $15)

One 3 pack of nipples every month for a year = $81 (1 pack = $6.75)


Cost of breastfeeding



Click below for the food package handout (2 page PDF on the Wisconsin WIC page)